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Innovative learning endless knowledge

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Our philosophy


Godthjælp Maugendre International Institute offers

GODTHJÆLP MAUGENDRE International Institute stands for a philosophy rooted in cutting-edge educational methods, spurred by innovative learning processes and a constant search for comprehensive knowledge.

With our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and branches in Thy, northern Denmark, and Normandy, France, we passionately pass on empirically and scientifically validated therapies - Auriculotherapy, Advanced Auriculotherapy (AuriculoMedicine), Chromotherapy (Color Therapy) and Posturology.

As a united team at GMII, we focus on creating material that simplifies the complex, with the aim of communicating this remarkable knowledge to healthcare professionals and individuals with an interest in health and wellness. It's crucial that our material is usable in practice.

We conduct ongoing studies and research to develop our field and ensure that standards remain high and up-to-date. Our goal is to spread awareness of these professions locally and globally.


High Quality and Accredited Courses

At GODTHJÆLP MAUGENDRE International Institute, we prioritize carefully crafted training and quality materials for our course participants and students.

Our trainers are experts in their field and continue to update their knowledge on an ongoing basis. This ensures that you are always taught at the highest level. At GMII, we conduct ongoing scientific studies to ensure high professional standards and development in our field. We appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting you.

Our education is accredited at level 5 by the Danish Accreditation Institution. Read more about the accreditation.


What our customers say

  • Rikke is professional and warm. I am taken seriously, heard and understood. I have had beneficial effects on everything from tired breastfeeding arms to psychological imbalances. My children have been treated for mosquito bites and trauma to the body. Rikke is called "the sweet doctor with stinging biscuits" in our home. I have benefited positively from Rikke for over 15 years.
  • Rikke is a fantastic therapist. Deeply serious, embracing, wise and she 'scans' the whole body to put in the right places. Rikke has, among other things, helped me get rid of a lot of nerve pain after an operation that no one else could overcome. I have great respect for her skills, and she is an absolutely wonderful person who I have enjoyed being in the hands of. Highest recommendations from here!

    Mette T
  • I have been treated by Rikke for many years now. Initially, I came because of trigeminal neuralgia, which caused me pain and led to a large consumption of medication. Rikke helped me get rid of the medication, and it has been several years since I have had pain. I now receive regular treatments for jaw tension. Rikke's treatments and care helped me through a difficult period, and I can highly recommend her.

    Rikke M.
  • Rikke has treated me for psoriasis and allergies with great success! Today I am virtually free of all previous problems, without the use of supplementary medication and drugs - contrary to what doctors and dermatologists had otherwise predicted. Always sweet, smiling and attentive treatment - highly recommended!

    Stefan K. H.