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Acupuncture specializing in Ear
- AuriculoTherapy


GODTHJÆLP MAUGENDRE International Institute offers a serious and comprehensive education. Become an Acupuncturist specializing in Ear - Auriculotherapist. The material is thoroughly prepared and easy to integrate into your own practice.

 Auriculotherapy, also known as French ear acupuncture, includes a wide range of treatment options and you will be trained in the use of several treatment tools. The training equips you to perform cause-based treatment and specialize in a wide range of disorders.

You will learn how to help people in the areas of pain, psyche, functional disorders and our evidence-based trauma treatment. Such as stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD and ADD. All types of pain, both acute and chronic, including joint and muscle pain, nerve pain and disorders, jaw and neck pain, headaches and migraines. Treating hormonal imbalances, including fertility issues and menstrual imbalances, as well as managing menopause in both men and women. In addition, treating skin and scarring issues, allergies, digestive problems and much more.

Get the right tools in our acupuncture training

We offer an exciting and unique program that not only expands your knowledge of yourself, but also introduces you to the world of Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy.

Our goal is also to ensure that you feel comfortable standing on your own two feet after the training and confident in your skills as an Auriculotherapist / Acupuncturist.

During the Acupuncture/Auriculotherapy program you will be taught:

Our training is based on 14 years of experience, ensuring you receive a proven, quality education that prepares you to handle the complex treatment needs of your clients.


The education for Acupuncturist specializing in Ear Acupuncture / Auriculotherapist, consists of 364 confrontation hours.
The education takes 1 year to complete and the teaching is divided as follows:

  • 216 hours: Face-to-face class with theory and practical training
  • 12 hours: Webinar
  • 44 hours: E-learning with educational videos, quizzes and practice sheets
  • 50 hours: Online supervision and presentation
  • 30 hours: Own treatment practice
  • 6 hours: Self-care
  • 6 hours: Final exams - written and oral/practical. Medical graduate. 

In addition to the set teaching hours, it is relevant to recognize that part of the education involves self-study, self-treatment, supervision, dedicated time for practical treatment and we recommend group work with your fellow students. This is an integral part of the training and is designed to optimize your learning experience and in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

On the Auriculo acupuncture training program you will be taught:

  • Auriculotherapy / Ear Acupuncture - Acupuncture specializing in the ear
  • AuriculoMedicine / Advanced Auriculotherapy - frequency treatment etc.
  • Posturology - Focus on posture correction using Auriculotherapy
  • ChromoTherapy - Treatment with light and color.
  • Specialization in specific disorders and diseases.
  • Patient management, legislation and record keeping.
  • Stitching techniques, safety, hygiene and use of different needle types
  • Use of tools and tests such as GL+, Premio20, Premio40, Microlight
  • Treatment with new knowledge learned from each other and patients
  • Plenty of practice and question time

Teaching can look different ways:

Attendance training (Classroom training):

  • "Hands on experience where theory from e-learning and webinars is put into practice.
  • Focus on testing and practicing treatment techniques to gain confidence and competence for your own clinical practice.


  • Includes videos, quizzes and print material.
  • Pre-course preparation where you review videos and quizzes.


  • Learning through platforms like Zoom, where you can participate from home, your clinic or office using your computer.

Research and study group:

After graduation, you have the opportunity to become part of our research and study group.
GMIInstitute wants to support and deepen our positive results through continuous studies in the field of auriculotherapy.

Sign up for the training here.

If you have any questions regarding the program, you are welcome to contact us by phone +45 53 500 801 or write an email to


The Auriculotherapist - Acupuncturist specializing in the ear is for those who want a deep understanding of their treatments and want to deliver precise and life-changing results to their clients. At GMIInstitute, you'll learn to work with proven treatment techniques and tools, and we conduct ongoing studies and international exchanges to ensure you receive the best possible teaching and learning.

The program is tailored for both those who are already established in the world of therapy and those who want to begin their journey of helping people on a solid foundation.

Sign up for the training here.

If you have any questions about the program, or if you have any doubts, you are welcome to contact us by phone +45 53 500 801 or write an email to



If you have already taken courses or completed programs in acupuncture, auriculotherapy or posturology, you can apply for credit for the relevant hours. The application should be sent directly to GMIInstitute by email:

Medical subjects and RAB approval is required:

To become a Registered Alternative Practitioner (RAB) and VAT exempt, you must meet the RAB requirements and take the exam.
See the specific RAB requirements below. However, it is also possible to participate in the training without taking the exam.

  • 200 hours: Anatomy/Physiology
  • 100 hours: Pathology/Pharmacology
  • 50 hours: Psychology
  • 10 hours: Clinical guidance/client care
  • 50 hours: Introduction to other alternative therapies

It is not a requirement that you have finished your medical subjects when you start the Auriculotherapy program, but you must have completed them before you can take the exam. 

Credit for the medical subjects:

Of course, if you have already achieved competencies in these subjects, there is no need to repeat them. If you are educated in a healthcare field such as social work, nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, dentistry or midwifery, or if you are, for example, a RAB-approved reflexologist, massage therapist, etc. you probably already fulfill the required medical professional hours for credit.

If you have not yet received medical training, we recommend that you contact E-Medicus, where you can also get a student discount from our school.

Link to E-Medicus


To make sure you can get credit, we recommend that you contact your association or the association you intend to join, as it is the association that is responsible for issuing your RAB approval at the end of the program.

Suggestions for associations:

Some associations have favorable conditions for students. Call the different associations to find out what they can do for you.

Sign up for the training here.

If you have any questions about the program, you are welcome to contact us by phone +45 53 500 801 or write an email to


Teachers at Denmark's first RAB-approved Auriculotherapy Education


Rikke Godthjælp graduated as an Acupuncturist and Reflexologist in 2003 from the Health School in Søborg. Already during her basic training as an acupuncturist, she became fascinated by Posturology, Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine.

Continuing education has always been in focus, and Rikke Godthjælp regularly updates itself at home and abroad; France, Italy, Norway, Germany, Holland and the USA. This ensures that you receive the best and most up-to-date training. Rikke Godthjælp has taught AuriculoTherapy / Ear Acupuncture and Posturological treatment at the Acupuncture Academy since 2010 and has subsequently expanded with teaching AuriculoMedicine and ChromoTherapy.

If you want to know more about Rikke and her background for starting Denmark's first RAB-approved AuriculoTherapy education, you can read more about Rikke Godthjælp here.

On a daily basis, Rikke Godthjælp treats and teaches at his Institute by the Lakes in Østerbro, in the heart of Copenhagen.

Teachers and guest lecturers:

The school maintains a high professional level and all teachers are trained Acupuncturists, Auriculotherapists / Ear Acupuncturists, Posturologists, Doctors, Physiotherapists or Psychotherapists. All have many years of experience as teachers and therapists in their own clinic.

Read more about the different teachers further down the page. 

Sign up here.

If you have any questions about the program, you are welcome to contact us on tel. +45 53 500 801 or write an email to


18. JANUARY 2025 - JANUARY 2026

The training takes place in Copenhagen and Thisted


Case presentations in the 1st semester:

  • Submission of 1st and 2nd case - Awaiting date
  • Online submission - Date pending

2025: 2. SEMESTER

  • 08/11, 9.00 - 16.00:Treatment of children and neuro divergence - Held in Thisted
  • 09/11, 9.00 - 16:00:Treatment of children and neuro divergence - Held in Thisted

Case presentations in the 2nd semester:

  • Delivery of 3rd and 4th case - Awaiting date
  • Online submission - Date pending


  • January 2026, pending date: Written exam,
  • January 2026, pending date: Oral / Practical exam  

The exams are medical exams.

    Sign up for the training here.

    If you have any questions about the program, you are welcome to contact us by phone +45 53 500 801 or write an email to



    HOLD 8:


    • DKK 53.105,-
    • Installment plan:
      If you wish to pay by installment plan, you must pay a deposit of 4.000,-. This deposit will be refunded upon completion of the program.


    • Teaching
      • 364 confrontation hours
      • Workbooks and course materials

    • Study books and teaching materials
      • EarAtlas (booklet)
    • Therapy equipment and study books
      • Ear Atlas (booklet)
      • Blue touch pen (point finder)
      • S/H hammer (point finder)
      • Rubber practice ear from Sedatelec
      • Magnets x 4 pieces
      • Material to make a posturological insole
    • Electronic medical records
      • Free access to electronic journal throughout the program.
        Journal developed by Rikke Godthjælp , in collaboration with through GECKO booking
      • 50% discount on all modules for the first 12 months at GECKO booking.
        Except SMS and online payment.

    • Student insurance
      • While you're in training, the school makes sure you're covered for student treatments. 
    • Supervision
      • During your education, you will regularly participate in scheduled training sessions and meetings via Zoom. This allows you to maintain contact with your fellow students from across the country and share experiences. Here you also have the opportunity to ask questions to the teacher.
      • In addition, you will become part of our closed Facebook group where you can ask questions and see what others are working on. The group serves as a forum where you are kept up to date with events and developments in Auriculotherapy, Posturology and Chromotherapy.

    Sign up for the training here.

    If you have any questions about the program, you are welcome to contact us by phone 53 500 801 or write an email to


    Have doubts, questions or want more information?

    Have a conversation with us to find out if this program is the right path for you.
    Find out if you meet our requirements, or ask questions about credits or exactly what you need to know to start this life-changing program.

    Phone: 53 50 08 01

    Sign up here.


    Become an ear acupuncturist in a program that meets RAB requirements

    The program meets RAB requirements, which means that the professional level is subject to particularly high demands from the Danish Health Authority and the industry association. The teacher, Rikke Godthjælp , has over 18 years of experience in acupuncture and over 10 years of experience in training acupuncturists. 

    In addition, Rikke Godthjælp is a member of the professional association DBF - Dansk BehandlerForbund and PA - Praktiserende akupunktører, which helps to ensure a high professional level of education.

    Our acupuncture training is level 5 assessed

    On our acupuncture training course you will:

    • Quality education at a high professional level.
    • Plenty of practical experience.
    • Building confidence in your own abilities as a practitioner.
    • Training by experienced and skilled auriculotherapists and acupuncturists.
    • Opportunities for personal and professional development.
    • Focus on the individual learner.

    The school maintains a high professional level and all teachers are qualified acupuncturists, auriculotherapists/ear acupuncturists, posturologists, doctors, physiotherapists or psychotherapists.

    Our acupuncture trainers have extensive experience as both teachers and practitioners in their own clinics. After completing the course, you are of course eligible for VAT exemption and RAB approval.

    Take an acupuncture course
    specializing in the ear?




    The school is
    member of DBF

    GODTHJÆLP As a school, Institute is a member of the Danish Treatment Association, which ensures that our students are insured throughout their education. 



    The WHO recommends the use of acupuncture and has analyzed research to identify specific imbalances and disorders that the WHO recognizes as relevant to acupuncture.
    Read more here.

    Spa & Wellness Area


    How long does the acupuncture training last?

    The acupuncture program specializing in the ear takes a total of 1 year.

    Where in the country can I take acupuncture training?

    The training takes place both in Copenhagen and Thy as well as online.
    There are 5 physical weekends planned in Copenhagen and Thy, making a total of 10 weekends.

    How much preparation time should I expect?

    Total workload is 1092 hours - Confrontation hours 364. 

    What are the future prospects for a trained acupuncturist?

    After completing the training, you will meet the RAB requirements, which makes you eligible for VAT exemption when you become a member of an association as an Acupuncturist specializing in Ear Acupuncture / AuriculoTherapist.

    You will have the skills to treat a wide range of conditions, including physical pain, mental imbalances, functional disorders and biochemical problems in your future patients. This will allow you to apply the extensive knowledge and experience you have gained through the program.

    Can I start my own acupuncture clinic?

    You can start your own clinic, but it's important to remember that it takes time to build a client base. If you already have an existing clinic, integrating Auriculotherapy / Ear Acupuncture is simple.

    Can I have a job alongside my education?

    Yes, the training is primarily scheduled on weekends and evenings.