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with Pascal Vidal MD

We are very pleased to welcome Pascal Vidal MD in Denmark! Pascal Vidal proudly carries on the legacy of Pierre Magnin and adds a fantastic dimension to our practice.

Photonic therapy, developed by Prof. Pierre Magnin, represents a pioneering approach in complementary medicine where light and color play a crucial role.

Using light projection and color frequencies, this method is applied both on the ears through the auricular approach and directly on the body. During the treatment, RAC-VAS and pulse staging are also used as a guide to identify and treat imbalances in the body.

What makes photonic therapy unique is its holistic approach, which not only focuses on treating physical symptoms, but also aims to balance mental and emotional states.

There are 12 seats available for physical attendance in Copenhagen, and it is also possible to participate via webinar.


Advanced Auriculotherapy
- November COURSE

Explore photonic medicine with Pascal Vidal.
In this course we will review:

  • Simple clinical applications in infectious diseases, muscle and joint problems and gastrointestinal disorders
  • Using ear cards in photonic medicine
  • Guide to choosing suitable colors
  • Practical methodological foundation that includes VAS perception and color illumination
  • Lots of hands-on training, including using color associations
  • Exploring color properties and contraindications.
  • Historicalbackground of photonic medicine.

Read more in general about Advanced Auriculotherapy with Godthjælp and Maugendre here.


Dean Pierre Magnin
Founder of Photonic Medicine

Dean Pierre Magnin (1926 - 2020) is a pioneer in complementary medicine and is best known as the founder of photonic medicine. His expertise and innovative approach has paved the way for a new era in health and treatment. Through decades of dedicated research and clinical practice, he has developed a unique understanding of how light and color can be used to improve the body's natural balance and promote health.

Pierre Magnin's visionary approach has inspired countless people around the world to explore the countless benefits of photonic medicine. His work has opened the door to new treatment methods that combine science and holistic understanding of the body in a unique and powerful way. Through his efforts as the founder of photonic medicine, Pierre Magnin has changed lives and motivated both students and practitioners in the health fields around the world.


Dr. Pascal Vidal

Dr. Pascal Vidal, born in 1962, is a general practitioner with extensive expertise in complementary medicine, including homeopathy, Chinese acupuncture, auriculotherapy, reflexology and photonic medicine. He met Pierre Magnin, the founder of photonic medicine and author of several books, in 2011 and worked closely with him until his passing in 2021. Through this collaboration, Dr. Vidal gained a deep understanding of how light and color can be used as powerful therapeutic tools to promote health and well-being.


LanguagesLocation & Date

GMIInstitute dept. COPENHAGEN, Sortedam Dossering 59, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark Date: November 23-24, 2024

Webinar Date: November 23-24

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