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Auriculotherapy has been shown to have a significant effect on mental imbalances such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress, grief, sleep problems, concentration problems, ADD and ADHD, as well as in the treatment of traumatic experiences.

In our approach to treating trauma and mental imbalances, we use the RAC/VAS pulse to guide you on which points to treat and how. These points can be treated in different ways depending on your preferences. We have found that frequencies, light and colors have a significant impact in these situations. Conversation techniques and questioning techniques are also an important part of dealing with trauma, where it is essential to get to the core of the trauma you want to treat.

It's crucial to recognize that the patient doesn't necessarily need to share their trauma with you. Some experiences are not something you want to share, perhaps you're not ready or haven't yet built up enough trust to open up - and this is perfectly okay when using our techniques.



In our training, we focus on a wide range of mental imbalances and associated issues. This includes teaching about trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, stress, sleep problems, laterality which is the cooperation between the hemispheres of the brain, concentration problems as well as addiction to drugs, alcohol and ADHD/ADD.

At GODTHJÆLP MAUGENDRE International Institute , in collaboration with the National Association for PTSD sufferers and relatives and various crisis centers in the country, we have conducted a study on the treatment of PTSD. This study, published by the French HEGEL Review, recognized by Cairn, presents treatment techniques, including the technique you will be introduced to in the course. We will also discuss the impact of the mind on the body's imbalances and how it can contribute to the perpetuation of pain and disease. An important factor in this context is the vagus nerve, which can be influenced through auriculotherapy.



14 days before the course, we give you access to 4 hours of e-learning training, which includes video presentations followed by quizzes. During this period, you have unlimited access to watch the videos as needed.

Auriculotherapy can work as a standalone method of treating trauma and is suitable for patients who are either hard to reach or who have difficulty feeling themselves during other treatments and therapies.

The course is aimed at therapists who want to deepen their understanding and skills in trauma treatment. We recommend that you have attended Auriculotherapy Module 1 or similar prior to this course.

This course is aimed at practitioners in fields such as acupuncture, massage, reflexology, psychotherapy, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, midwifery, doctors and more.


Dina Alminde

Dina Alminde is a trained Acupuncturist, Physiological Masseur and Auriculotherapist, Posturologist and Auriculomedicine practitioner.

On a daily basis, Dina Alminde treats in its own clinic in the heart of Thisted, in the Thy National Park, and teaches in GODTHJÆLP INSTITUTE.


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GMIInstitute dept. THY, Asylgade 1B, 7700 Thisted, Denmark Date: August 24-25, 2024

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