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TCM Acupuncture


38 magic points

Join us on a transformative journey through the magical points of Ping Heng Acupuncture (PHA), also known as Military Acupuncture (MA). This innovative point system, developed by Professor Wang Wen-yuan from Beijing University of TCM and head of the National PHA Training Center, brings a unique approach to the modern, yet traditional acupuncture point system. With roots in military healthcare, such as PTSD, muscle injuries from hard training, and a reputation for fast, effective results using minimal needles, PHA has revolutionized acupuncture throughout China.


This is what we cover in the course

    Important features in our course:

    • Most of the 38 unique acupuncture points used in PHA.
    • Engage in extensive practical sessions for hands-on experience.
    • Explore clinical applications and dive into exciting research and case studies.
    • Learn techniques that are safe, effective and easy to understand.

    Why Choose Our Course?

    • Be part of a community of learners who embrace a cutting-edge approach to acupuncture treatment, especially for external and internal pain.
    • Gain insights from extensive research, with over 734 published articles.
    • Equip yourself with skills that are applicable to your daily practice.


      A Nationally Recognized and Praised Method
      Backed by China's Ministry of Health and the State Administration of TCM, PHA stands out as a key component in promoting health. Its effectiveness in treating common diseases has gained widespread recognition, making it a technique eagerly adopted by healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses, nationwide.

      Understanding the Science Behind PHA
      Dive deep into the fascinating world of PHA, where the ancient theories of meridians merge with modern nervous system science. Learn about the body's innate self-balancing mechanisms and how strategic acupuncture can catalyze natural healing.

      Start Your Journey with PHA
      Whether you're an advanced practitioner or new to the world of acupuncture, our course offers a comprehensive, practical and enlightening experience. Join us to master a skill that is not only effective and safe, but also deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and forward-thinking in its approach.

      Introduction point example on YouTube


      Dr. Hui Zhang

      Dr. Hui Zhang, PhD, TCM physician, educator and researcher. He received his PhD in Chinese Medicine from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CDUTCM) in 2017. After his studies, he moved to Denmark, where he regularly shares his expertise in TCM across Denmark, Germany and various European countries. Dr. Zhang actively practices TCM in his private clinic in Denmark and maintains strong professional connections with researchers in China, Europe and the US.


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      GMIInstitute dept. COPENHAGEN, Sortedam Dossering 59, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark Date: November 9-10, 2024

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