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TCM Acupuncture


- allergies and the pulmonary system

MTA treatment for pulmonary system disorders and allergies

Join us on a revolutionary journey through Master Tung's Acupuncture (MTA), an innovative approach that challenges traditional acupuncture norms. MTA introduces an extraordinary focus on Zang-fu organs, redefining how acupuncture points are categorized. Go beyond the conventional 14 channels and explore the deep connections in the body, exemplified by powerful acupuncture points such as Ling Gu and Da Bai, crucial to the pulmonary system.


Day 1: Lunge Metal

     - Diving into the core of Modern Heavy Acupuncture (MTA)

    This day is dedicated to uncovering the secret essence of the Metal-Lung System, a cornerstone of the MTA. Our comprehensive module is designed to enhance your understanding of this vital system, both theoretically and practically.

    Course highlights:

    • Thorough physiology and pathology: Journey through the complexities and potential dysfunctions of the Metal-Lung System and establish a solid base for practical applications.
    • MTA point selection: Explore carefully selected MTA points, naturally with hands-on practice, specific to the Metal-Lung System, customized to hone your treatment strategies and deepen your understanding.
    • Treatment protocols: Most effective, real-world protocols for a range of pulmonary system disorders, from flu and asthma to COPD and skin-related conditions.
    • Case studies and research: Immerse yourself in case studies and cutting-edge research that bridge the gap between theory and practice, showcasing the effectiveness of MTA in different clinical scenarios.

    This module welcomes both newcomers and experienced practitioners, with the goal of expanding your expertise and improving your skill in treating the Metal Lung System with MTA.


    Day 2: Allergies

      Allergies, a frequent encounter in clinical practice, encompass a wide range of conditions. In TCM, we possess a unique and effective understanding of various allergic reactions, such as wind, damp-heat and yin-deficient wind. MTA plays a crucial role, with a strong emphasis on the Lung Metal and Yangming systems in the development of various allergies.

      Course highlights:

      • Thorough physiology and pathology: Gain insight into TCM's unique perspective on allergies.
      • MTA point selection: Discover specific MTA points tailored to treat allergies affecting the skin, respiratory tract and intestines.
      • Treatment protocols: Learn specialized approaches to managing common allergic conditions, including hives, allergic rhinitis and food allergies.
      • Case studies and research: Enrich your practice with real-world case studies and the latest research demonstrating the impact of MTA across different clinical settings.

      This module is structured for both beginners and experienced professionals to expand your knowledge and sharpen your skills in addressing allergic disorders using MTA techniques."


      Dr. Hui Zhang

      Dr. Hui Zhang, PhD, TCM physician, educator and researcher. He received his PhD in Chinese Medicine from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CDUTCM) in 2017. After his studies, he moved to Denmark, where he regularly shares his expertise in TCM across Denmark, Germany and various European countries. Dr. Zhang actively practices TCM in his private clinic in Denmark and maintains strong professional connections with researchers in China, Europe and the US.


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      GMIInstitute dept. COPENHAGEN, Sortedam Dossering 59, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark Date: April 20-21, 2024

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