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TCM Acupuncture



Acupuncture treatment for the five opening disorders:
- eyes, nose, tongue, ears and mouth

Dive into the world of TCM and its unique approach to health, where the interconnectedness of the body's systems is crucial. Our course focuses on "Wu Guan" or "The Five Openings" - the eyes, nose, tongue (throat), ears and mouth - and their crucial role in TCM. Understanding the relationship between these openings and the internal organs of the body, especially the five Zang organs, is key to understanding the origin and development of disorders in these areas.


This is what you will learn on the course

    Explore the fascinating connections between orifices and organs:

    • Eyes and Liver: Learn how TCM links eye problems such as blurred vision or dry eyes to liver imbalances and how these can be indicators of deeper liver issues.
    • Nose and Lung: Discover the relationship between nasal health and the Lung and how to maintain Lung Qi for optimal nasal wellness.
    • Tongue (throat) and Heart: See how throat discomfort and speech problems can be traced back to the Heart according to TCM philosophy.
    • Ears and Kidneys: Understand the connection between ear conditions and the Kidneys, especially in the elderly.
    • Mouth (including Tongue and Teeth) and Spleen/Stomach: Reveal how mouth problems can signal imbalances in the Spleen and Stomach, and the role of the tongue in the diagnosis of digestive diseases.

    Course highlights

      • Thorough Physiology and Pathology: A comprehensive review of the function and potential problems of the five orifices.
      • Point Selection: Learn to select the most effective acupuncture points, drawn from different styles and masters' experiences, including Master Tung acupuncture and scalp acupuncture.
      • Treatment protocols: Gain practical knowledge to treat common ailments such as allergic rhinitis, tinnitus, dry eyes and sore throat.
      • Case Studies and Research: Improve your understanding with real-life case studies and the latest research.

      This course has been carefully designed for both beginners and experienced practitioners to expand your knowledge and hone your skills in treating disorders related to the five openings. Join us for a transformative learning experience in the art of acupuncture!


      Dr. Hui Zhang

      Dr. Hui Zhang, PhD, TCM physician, educator and researcher. He received his PhD in Chinese Medicine from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (CDUTCM) in 2017. After his studies, he moved to Denmark, where he regularly shares his expertise in TCM across Denmark, Germany and various European countries. Dr. Zhang actively practices TCM in his private clinic in Denmark and maintains strong professional connections with researchers in China, Europe and the US.


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      GMIInstitute dept. COPENHAGEN, Sortedam Dossering 59, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark Date: 2025